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One month of Nutrition Coaching

+ Bonus Workouts!



🥗 Macronutrient based nutrition plan plus habits-based coaching and accountability to educate and empower you on the value of your food for sustainable habits and long term results.


💪🏽 If you have specific goals in terms of improving overall health and/or body composition, then you need more than just working out.  Fine tuning your nutrition is the best first step.  I blend a scientific, behavioral and empathetic approach to help you achieve your goals.



☎️ Initial phone chat to get to know one another, talk about your goals and your past / present nutrition habits. Let's figure out what's working for you, and what isn't.


⚖️ Custom macros (protein, carbs and fat) calculated exclusively for you.  This plan focuses on a high protein yet balanced approach to macros (aka this is not a low carb diet plan).  Don't worry -- you don't need to know what a macro is before you start this plan. :)


📧 Weekly email check-ins with guided questions and thorough responses to establish clear goals, action steps to get there and how to create consistency and success with your eating for long term results, far beyond our time together.


📏 Guidance on how to measure your success along the way (it's more than just the scale weight that matters!)


📖 My Nutrition Guidebook which includes a breakdown of the basics, a sample meal plan, how to stay on track when eating out, my favorite food scale and tons of essential tips for success!


📉 A custom spreadsheet which aids in accountability and track trends throughout the week.  


🏋🏽‍♀️ PLUS three strength based workouts to help you create and maintain lean mass. Options provided for kick-ass equipment-free workouts and full gym workouts.


Value of $289. On sale today for just $199! Open to new and returning clients. But hurry — this deal ends in 24 hours!


After you complete your payment, I will be contacting you the first week of January to set up your consultation! This offer can be used any time in 2021, depending on availability. I will work with you to find the best time for both you and I!

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