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I believe that fitness and nutrition should be approached with ease to enhance my quality of life.  I know that it will require VULNERABILITY, to lean into what may not at first be comfortable, because I know that the other side of vulnerability is courage, strength and growth.  To create sustainable habits, I must commit to CONSISTENCY, not perfection. How I choose to show up in the long run day after day matters more to my results than being perfect day to day.  Avoiding failure is not what will challenge me to grow; it is how I choose to get back up and recommit that defines me. I commit with INTEGRITY: I do what I say I am going to do, when I say I am going to do it.  I acknowledge that setting small action steps along the way, and sticking to them, creates long term success. If life happens, as I know it will, I will adjust my sails and make a new plan, instead of giving up. This is what it means to be RESILIENT.  I celebrate all that I gain: strength, energy, nourishment, lean mass, confidence, joy. I know that a positive body transformation is also directly linked to a positive mind and spirit. I know that the way I do one thing is how I do everything. I vow to prioritize fitness and nutrition into my life with proper sleep, stress and time management.  I will be at my best with 7-9 hours of quality sleep, reducing stress and efficiently managing my time. I embrace this journey as just that: a journey. I know that the process means just as much as the destination. I am a beautiful work in progress, on a quest to transform my mindset & empower my body, with a wholehearted approach to habits that stem far beyond working out and eating well.  


I LEAD WITH VULNERABILITY, CONSISTENCY, INTEGRITY AND RESILIENCY, for the life I want to live and the person I want to be.  The world needs me and my unique gifts. To serve wholeheartedly means showing up as my most vibrant, whole self. I make this commitment for myself, my loved ones, and the world around me.  

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