What is Lift Lab?  

Lift Lab is a fun and interactive monthly online fitness program that has helped hundreds of people just like you build strength and confidence in the gym. You'll receive four effective workouts each month, customizable for all levels and guaranteed to increase strength, athleticism, muscle definition and most importantly, confidence.  Plus tons of bonuses!



How does it work? 


Lift Lab takes the guesswork out of the gym.  At the start of each month, you will receive downloadable workouts, thorough coaching via demos and explanations, and a Lift Lab Guidebook to get you started. 

Cycling through the workouts each week allows you to truly master each exercise and push yourself to new limits, while still leaving room for other workouts and activities you love.  By the end of the fourth week, you will see marked improvement in strength, definition and stamina, and you'll be ready to tackle a brand new month of programming. 


The Workouts​

All of the programs are full body, resistance-based workouts, designed to promote a strong and fit body.  


Returning to fitness? Experienced athlete? No problem!  Workouts are customizable for all fitness levels!

There are three levels of intensity to choose from, allowing you to honor your current strengths while also setting goals to work toward.  


Each workout is designed to be progressive, and you are instructed to increase resistance each week so that the workouts continue to be challenging as you get stronger. This will ensure gains in movement proficiency, cardiovascular health, strength and muscular endurance.


Lift Lab will help you:

  • build confidence in your training plan

  • create and maintain a fit and strong body

  • prevent injury

  • alleviate back or knee pain

  • increase movement proficiency, mobility, stability, strength and endurance

  • learn exercises under the guidance of a trained professional who cares

  • create a sense of excitement around your training, month to month



There are so many awesome extras included in this workout program, including:

  • nutrition resources to help you establish healthy eating habits

  • timers provided for applicable workouts to keep you on track

  • and so much more!

If you're thinking,
               "I've tried online fitness.  It doesn't work for me"
or if you're wondering
                "What makes this program different?"
You are so heard.  Please keep reading.

The difference lies within the WHY of this program.  Could you see results with other online programs?  Sure.  But only if you actually DO them, right?  Because a plan is only as good as it is doable.  What distinguishes this program from other online programs, in addition to the research-based approach to programming, is that the intention of Lift Lab is to remove the barriers we all have when it comes to fitness.   To create workouts that are customizable for all fitness levels, that are both challenging and fun, to make you look forward to working out.  And to provide strategies to help you build accountability and consistency.


Why am I doing all of this?  Because I don't want to just sell you a program, I want you to actually succeed.  It is my mission!  My passion!  I want you to find freedom in movement and uncover strength and confidence in the gym.  And it starts with having a plan you can trust, a coach to encourage you, and a community to have your back.  It starts with Lift Lab.

So if you've tried other plans and are thinking, "I know how this goes.  I purchase it with the very best intentions, and then it just sits there." I want you to know you are HEARD.  It is totally normal to have resistance to working out.  Let me help you break down that barrier and create a workout plan you love!  Because you deserve to enjoy your life, inside the gym and beyond!


—  Katie D.

"Thank you for all the instructional videos. They have been a great reference that I keep going back to as I work on my form. I also like being able to choose from the 3 different Levels. I have mixed and matched depending on how hard I want to go each day! So basically I am OBSESSED and I could not be happier!!" 

In the guidebook, you'll learn:

  • the best strategies to make your workouts challenging and efficient to hit your goals

  • a calendar to help you prioritize your workouts

  • guides for beginners: how to swing a bell, nail a full form pushup, and more!

  • how to modify your nutrition to get the best results

  • how to hold yourself accountable to working out in 5 easy steps

  • and so much more!

GUIDEBOOK with every membership!

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FAQ'S: Glad you Asked!

Does Lift Lab require equipment?

Not necessarily!

Lift Lab provides THREE LEVELS for each workout, meaning you can modify each workout based on your strengths or your equipment.


Resistance band and couch/bench may be needed.  Exercises are mostly bodyweight, designed to kick your booty at home or on the go.  Perfect for those new to lifting as well!


When following the Level 2 option, you are encouraged to load most exercises with free weights.  You will need a set of dumbbells or kettlebells.  If anything feels too hard under load, simply level down to the bodyweight variation of the exercise.


This level, when provided, is the most advanced, and may require a full gym. If any exercise feels too hard, or you don't have the proper equipment, simply level down to Level 1 or 2.

Do you provide coaching with this program?

Coaching is provided via exercise video demos through YouTube.  I've taken great care to create an extensive exercise library with hundreds of video demos to prioritize your safety and form!  While there is no one-on-one coaching available with this option, please email me with any questions you have.

If you'd like more specific one-on-one coaching, I highly recommend choosing my Custom Programming option!

Do you provide nutrition with this program?

Nutrition resources and best practices are provided to help you create healthy, well balanced meals without the hassle of counting calories.

If you are interested in more in depth habit-based coaching, accountability, and custom macronutrients to help you reach your goals, I recommend adding on one on one Nutrition Coaching!

Elizabeth, I want to lose fat and build strength.  Will this program help with that?

Supercallafragelisticexpe-absolutely!  The workouts are full body, metabolic resistance-based workouts.  Meaning we are using exercises that load the body in various movement patterns to promote strength and lean muscle.


When paired with the right nutrition plan for you, these workouts will promote fat loss as well!  That is why I provide a loose guide to help you organize your eating with this program. 


However, if you are looking for true accountability and guidance with your nutrition, if you desire specific results (losing a specific amount of body fat, or muscle gain), I so encourage you to try my Nutrition Coaching Program!  I cap my Nutrition clients, so please reach out to me if you are interested in learning about the next available enrollment!

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    • Three unique full body workouts
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    • Options for all facilities, from bodyweight to bell
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    • Nutrition resources provided for guidance
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    • Unique monthly challenges to up the ante and fun!
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