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This option is best suited for people who already have had some formal training with a coach in person and who are self-motivated.  Great for anyone who wants to workout to feel better and move better, switch up their normal gym routine or crush some physique, athletic and/or strength goals.  Depending on your goals, fitness levels and how many days a week you’d like to train, I will design a program with anywhere from 3-5 progressive workouts/week for you to follow (based on your needs and lifestyle). I recommend using this program each week for around 6 weeks to see the best results without plateauing.



  • 20 minute movement/goal assessment via FaceTime for any first time client

  • A custom program with 3-5 workouts/week designed specifically to help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently

  • Can be designed to be used with or without equipment

  • Access to a full library of video demos

  • A suggested schedule for how to arrange the workouts throughout your week

  • Access to my Workout Guidebook with tons of great tools for progressing your workouts, and more.

  • 24/7 access to me via email if you have any questions

  • This is a great option for pre and postnatal women who want to train safely and effectively during and after pregnancy.



20 minute assessment valued at $50 

+ Custom workout program valued at $150

That’s a value of $200

Offered to you for $179

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