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Becoming a mom is an amazing experience.  But it can be a time full of worry, too!  Working out during the pre and postnatal period doesn't have to be intimidating as long as you have proper guidance.  I combine my personal experience of becoming a mother mixed with my robust pre/postnatal education and client experience to make each mom/mom-to-be feel safe, strong and empowered through all four trimesters and beyond.



Four Trimesters Program

Comprehensive progressive programming that supports the stage of motherhood that you are in, carrying you all the way from first trimester to postpartum!

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Sweat with friends!

Grab up to 4 friends and head on over.  Sweating is so much better with company!  Plus, it's super affordable!


Sessions + Programming

This package is the best value!  A combination of one on one FaceTime coaching sessions with custom programming ensures you stay safe and strong during your current stage of motherhood!

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