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TIME'S UP CARDIO: Finisher or Workout in a Crunch

Here's your first TIMES UP CARDIO workout. To be clear, this is an abbreviated workout to be used when a full workout isn't possible, and takes no more than 10-15 minutes if you move briskly and take minimal rests. It also is great as a killer cardio finisher to your full-length workout, particularly on days you're lifting especially if your goals are to continue leaning out while maintaining muscle mass (i.e. if the words "toned" have ever left your lips in describing how you want to look, do this finisher).

Swings will occur in a descending ladder of tens, but push-ups and lunges should remain the same number of reps. Swings: You may vary between regular two handed swings and one-arm swings. For one-arm swings I personally like increments of 10 on each arm at a time to break it up until I reach my goal for that set. Ex: 50 swings = 10 on right, 10 on left, 10 right, 10 left, 5 right, 5 left. Push-ups: regular or plyo for an extra kick of explosiveness. Lunges: reverse lunges, forward lunges, curtsy lunges, feel free to play with variety. If using this as a quick workout, make sure to do a warmup before diving in. 50 swings 10 push-ups 20 lunges 40 swings 10 push-ups 20 lunges Continue pattern with 30 swings, 20, 10.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are brand new to working out, or have never worked on a kettlebell swing with a trained professional, please replace swings with either jumping jacks, sprints or burpees! Time yourself on a descending ladder of seconds instead of reps. Try 50 secs of cardio of choice, push-ups, lunges, then 40 secs, 30, etc.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: As always, if you ever feel sharp pain while working out, please stop and assess. Working through joint pain in order to do one last burpee is not noble or brave, it's in fact stubborn and stupid, and it's playing with injury risk. Like my mentor and boss Mark Fisher always says, you can't get hot if you're in a body cast. Please listen to your body. It knows best! :)

smiles + protein,


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