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Deli Digs #2: Lean Green Machine

As a trainer in NYC constantly on the go, I'm often in need of quick and healthy snacks that I can grab from basically any NYC deli on the fly. As much as I'd love to lug a cooler around the city full of homemade foods, it's just not practical every day. When I need something to keep me going strong during long hours on the floor while training, my go-to is this green smoothie. The deli around the corner from my gym actually knows my order by heart now, and my clients have started to ask for it, too. I told them today they should dub this "The Elizabeth". LOL. Forever famous at a hole-in-the-wall deli in Hell's Kitchen NYC. #finallymadethebigtime

For a delicious green smoothie chalk full of nutrients, ask your local deli for these items:

  • kale

  • spinach

  • fresh strawberries

  • fresh pineapple

  • splash almond milk

  • one scoop vanilla protein powder

  • ice

274 calories | 27 g protein | 32 g carbs | 5 g fat


To make it a meal, add oats or banana for carbs, add tbsp peanut butter or avocado for healthy fats.

Blend, drink, enjoy!

smiles + protein,


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