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I'm a Floridian again


For those of you who don't know, Preston (my fiance) and I relocated to Orlando, Florida from the place we called home for the last 8 years, New York City, aka center of the universe. He moved 2 weeks ahead of me while I finished up with work. I flew in on Saturday. It's been a big adjustment for sure, and the first few days were much harder than I imagined. I have been envisioning this move for almost a decade (basically ever since I moved to NYC I was already fantasizing about leaving), but now that it's happened, I've found myself thinking out loud, "It doesn't feel the way I thought I would." Maybe it's because the move was so disjointed. Maybe it's because I had finally found a groove I'd grown to love in the city. Maybe it's just because great change is always hard, and nothing is ever as rose-colored as we anticipate it to be. With a little time and routine and love, things will start to feel like home.

Here's the hilarious highlight reel of the first 5 days in the Sunshine State:

After one day, I dove right back into driving which has been super exciting. I haven't operated heavy machinery other than the treadmill since 2010. It went something like this: "Preston​, this is the break and this is the gas, right?" After a minute, I realized I'm not as bad at driving as I remember. Made two trips to the airport back and forth on my own via the interstate, once in the middle of Hurricane Erika. #likeaboss.

We went to see our good friend Mark​ play in his Disney softball league and I rubbed his wife's belly! (she's pregnant.) I realized I knew everyone there through 6 degrees of separation which was neat. Made me feel connected to something rather than a buoy just bobbing along in the middle of the ocean.

I am now friends with all of the check-out clerks at our local Target. I have returned and purchased the same soap dispenser THREE times now in an effort to get it just right and also have human contact. #priorities. I have twirled down the aisles of Publix and have been prepping all sorts of super healthy food, including tackling my first ceviche. #rawfood #forthewin

Those of you who've lived a life in NYC know how thrilling this next statement is: I've done laundry INSIDE OF MY APARTMENT. I have washed things that weren't really even dirty just because IT'S INSIDE OF MY APARTMENT. Mail me your laundry. Seriously.

There is still much to do to make it feel truly like home, but that's the fun part. We have some friends and fam already planning trips to visit us, and we cannot wait to entertain you all.

On a business note, I'm starting to find my groove with UPSTRENGTH again, and planning for future clients. Updates soon!

In other news, I've done 1,000 KB swings since being here. I put hand cream on my face by accident this morning. There is a giant child/goblin living upstairs jumping up and down as hard as he can. Tomorrow is probably our first pool day! And lastly, Preston found someone TAP DANCING on the indoor basketball courts this morning so THERE IS HOPE! I will have friends!

There are moments of profound sadness, missing NYC and all my friends, and then there are moments of great joy and excitement for the life we are creating here. And I see my family this weekend!!

Sending everyone orange-flavored rays on sunshine. xo

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