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3 Steps to Mastering the Push-Up

If one of your goals is to achieve a full form push-up, listen up! I've encountered many clients who have been frustrated at their lack of push-up progress. My first question is, "How have you been doing them?"

They all reply, "From the knees."

Maybe you've heard them called "girl push-ups" but I'm sorry...what are those?

Oh wait, you mean these?

Doing push-ups from the knees is holding you back! Why? Because ABS. A decent amount of upper body strength is obviously important, but once we've gained enough strength to lower and lift our chest to the floor from the knees, we must challenge our abs to get stronger!

How do we do that?

Follow these three easy steps and you'll be doing push-ups LIKE A GIRL in a no time.

Then finally...

Elizabeth Stacey


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