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How to Swing a Kettlebell for Beginners

If you don’t have access to working with a coach in person who is experienced with kettlebells, follow the progression below and take it safely one step at a time. If you are new to working out, I recommend working with the kettlebell deadlift exclusively for a few weeks to ensure proper form.

It is really important to me that you honor your body and never push yourself through a variation that you are not yet confident in. I want you to think of working with kettlebells as "practice". Every time you touch a kettlebell, you are practicing your strength, you are practicing your technique. Be a student of strength. And remember, it's not just about working out hard. It's about working out smart. It's about practicing beautiful and safe movement patterns that will give you strength not only in your training sessions, but in your day to day life too.

And always remember to stop if something feels painful or uncomfortable, because you can't get fit if you're in a body cast! #truth

How to Swing a Kettlebell

If you are already a member of the UPsquad, feel free to send me videos of your form for an eval! If you are not a member of the UPsquad...what are you waiting for?! Email me today to get started with an online training program.

Elizabeth Stacey


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