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Squat it like it's Hot

If you're a beginner and you're learning how to properly squat, it can be scary and confusing! It's also totally normal to have a fear of falling back when you are learning how to squat.

Here I will take you through a quick tutorial to take the fear out of squatting!

And while we are here, why even squat? What's the point?

Squatting with good technique helps create mobility in our ankles, knees and hips. Why is that a good thing? So that when we go to sit on the floor with our kids, or our pets, or our friend's kids and pets, we can do so with ease and minimal risk of injury.

Squatting is also very helpful if you are out on tour with J-Lo.

Plus! Squatting not only makes your legs and glutes look amaaaaaazing, did you know that squatting with a weight is also an ab exercise? Truth.

Once you get awesome at perfecting your Squat to Box, try a Goblet Squat here!

Squatting = Happy Glutes + Happy Abs + Happy Life

Elizabeth Stacey


Why is it called a Goblet Squat? Learn 4 Ways to Hold a Kettlebell here!

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