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The 4 Major Movement Patterns You Need to Know to Get Fit

Are you new to fitness? Overwhelmed by working out? Could you use a helpful review of the basics?

Here’s a secret...

there are only 4 MAJOR MOVEMENT PATTERNS that you really need to know.

I'm serious.

Every functional exercise is basically some variation of these four core movement patterns. I truly believe that we can never be too good at the basics.

What are the four?


If you establish a healthy and solid technique from the beginning then the options are endless! We can add single leg variations, jumping variations, loaded progressions, we can combine two of the movements together.

For example...

A plank could turn into into a push-up or mountain climber, and is your default position when you stand at the top of a lift.

A hinge may turn into a deadlift, a kettlebell swing or a bent over row.

A squat becomes a barbell front squat, part of a burpee and if you’re on one leg, a pistol squat.

A lunge might become a jump lunge, and sets us up for strong step ups.


Mastering each of these major movement patterns is essential to developing strong coordination, awesome mobility and stability, and lessens the risk of injury once you do advance these exercises.

And also, they will guarantee you a beautiful, strong and lean body!


Elizabeth Stacey


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