Crushing Body Image Issues

Real talk.

Not feeling my über leanest right now. And sure that disappoints me a little bit. We all want to feel like the best versions of ourselves. But I'm also not freaking out because I know what to do to get back on track. I have the tools and nutritional knowledge it takes to lean out. I just am lacking time and motivation. But guess what? It's not something to dive off a bridge over. It's called L.I.F.E.

Life happens. I always tell my Upstrength Bosses, fat loss/weight gain is cyclical, just. like. life. Just as it is impractical to wish for consistently happy days with sunshine and steady green lights and rainbows 365 days a year, it is also impractical to think you will be 100% on top of your meal prep game, crushing life and constantly on a cutting phase with visible abs. Like. That's just not real life. Not only is it unsustainable, it's not something to strive for. Because you are a creature born to survive, life naturally shifts our focus from time to time, forcing our energy and attention in different percentages to different places, like family, career, school, etc. So if you are shaking your head like, "this is me!", or been hard on yourself for not maintaining a perfect nutrition plan for longer than a few weeks at a time, please know you are 100% not alone.

The flipside however is that while I might not be feeling über on top of my nutrition game, I am feeling über strong. And happy.

I assume I'm not alone in that I am a woman who lifts, who has battled body issues and disordered eating in her past.

Lifting heavy over the last 3.5 years has quite literally lifted me out of an incredibly judgmental, self sabotaging mindset of never thinking I was...

thin enough...

tiny enough...

enough enough.

I am leaps and bounds from the self-conscious person I used to be, and yet sometimes not at all. Usually commentary from outsiders on my being strong or being muscular or lifting heavy sh*t bounces right off my #glutegains and into the compliment jar. But every once in a while, an ill-placed comment does affect me. Pointed statements, whether intentional or not, do hurt, as strong as I try to be on the outside and the inside.

So today I was feeling a little down on myself. The old me would have let it keep me down. "I'm not feeling my leanest today so I don't wanna go to the gym."

My response?

F%#k that.

All the more reason to go and crush a workout. I'll admit I didn't want to wear super form fitting clothes. So, whatevs. I threw on a baggy tee and shorts, printed out my program and marched to the g