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Quick & efficient single bell workout you can do at home!

So. I didn't have time this morning to workout before work.

That's a lie.

I failed to prioritize my workout this morning before work.

Tonight I came home at 9:15pm and still really was itching to get a quick workout in, but I didn't really want to commit to going all the way to the gym. Plus, Florida State football was on TV.

This is when having a single medium-sized kettlebell in the comfort of your own home is super useful.

Want to purchase your own, but need guidance? Check out this blogpost about purchasing your first kettlebell!

Using my good old trusty 16kg kettlebell, I was able to get in an quick and efficient workout in, in front of my tv.


SECTION A (see video above!)

1 Deadlift

1 Clean

1 Squat

1 Burpee

All of the above equals 1 complex. Move fluidly and quickly through each exercise with excellent form. Repeat the complex with no rest 10x before resting.

Rest 1:00 between each round of 10.

Repeat for a total of 3 - 5 rounds.


100 Swings, rest only when needed.

I like breaking up my swings in sets of 10's, with about 0:15 - 0:30 rest between sets, depending on how winded I am.


10 regular swings

10 side to side swings

10 hard style swings

10 one arm swings, R

10 one are swings, L


Goal is to keep heart rate elevated, but not exploding into a heart attack. If you are only familiar with regular swings, this is fine! Do regular swings in set of 10's! I was just feeling fancy and wanted to remind you advanced kettlebell kids of some fun variations.


Suitcase Carries

50 steps with bell in R hand

50 steps with bell in L hand

3x thru; rest only when needed. If grip fails before 50 steps, that's okay! You're strengthening your grip. Try to match the same number on the other side.

You're done! Chase this workout with some coconut water for natural electrolytes!


All of the above when combined with give you a full body workout. It is great for conditioning and strength! The complex in section A will really elevate your heart rate and work arms, shoulders, abs, and legs (hamstrings, glutes and quads)! The 100 swings are incredibly metabolic, so again this is great for some quick conditioning. Properly executed swings also work glutes and abs. The final set of carries are also excellent for conditioning. Plus, your abs will get a huge challenge while you try to stabilize yourself against the offset load. This also increases grip strength which is important for anyone who lifts and hopes to improve both deadlifts and chinups!

Happy lifting!


Elizabeth Stacey


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