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4 Stretches for Better Hip Mobility

Here are four of my favorite stretches to increase mobility in your hips.

These stretches help:

• to increase mobility in exercises like squats and lunges

• to highlight/correct asymmetries which can lead to injury

• to down-regulate the central nervous system (aka stretching can chill you out!)

More mobility in your hips means deeper and healthier squats and lunges, which are incredible for creating strength and shape in the glutes and legs.

So basically, doing these stretches will make you a chiller, more mobile person with even better glutes and legs. 😜🍑

4 Stretches for better hip mobility

1. Pigeon pose with foam roller

▫️ targets outer hip / side glute

2. Couch stretch

▫️ targets hip flexor / quad

3. Tactical frog

▫️ targets adductor / inner groin

4. Spider-Man Lunge

▫️ targets adductor / hip flexor

Try these today and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!


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