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How coffee helps you crush goals (and how to stack habits to succeed with fat loss!)

Want to learn how to drink more 💦 water 💦 (and crush more goals in general) by stacking habits? Learn how in one easy step...and for my coffee drinkers, use coffee to do it!

Want to know one of the most popular action steps my nutrition clients set to increase energy and lean living? (It’s something you should be doing, too!)

‼️ It has zero calories, helps reduce false hunger cues, provides feelings of satiety during meals, leads to healthier skin and hair and helps fight sluggishness, fatigue and headaches.

It’s drinking water!

But many of my clients struggle at first to drink enough water. (don’t we all?! 🤷🏼‍♀️). So we oftentimes STACK HABITS to create success. And here’s where the coffee comes in...

Think about it. What’s something most of us do every morning? Wake up, make coffee.☕️. If you’re like me, this is basically autopilot. Remembering to make coffee isn’t hard, right?

So why not stack this already automatic habit with the new one you want to master?!


You know the drill. Alarm goes off, tumble out of bed, head like a zombie toward the coffee maker. It's an ingrained ritual most adults have mastered by the time they're in college! Think of how long you've been practicing this, morning after morning. It doesn't take much will power, thought or effort, because it's second nature to you.

So here's how this habit can help you goal crush: while the coffee brews, pour water into your mug. Your mission is to finish the water before you can pour that piping hot caffeine rich nectar into your cup!

Boom! You’ve started the day on a well hydrated, energized note!

Not a coffee fan? Or have another goal in mind? No problem! Use the same “habit stacking” principle of attaching a desired habit, perhaps 20 minutes of working out or reading, to another ritual you do every day, like brushing your teeth or walking your dog!

Friends don’t let friends dehydrate. Save lives! ☕️

Share this with all of your coffee-loving, goal-crushing friends below!

Happy habit making!


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