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How to be okay with QUITTING


The day you see circled was my last long run. December 10th, 2017. This is both hard to admit, and yet, freeing at the same time. I think I have learned to let go, and see what’s most important in front of me, at this current moment.

Let me explain: six months ago, I signed up to run my second marathon. It is a goal I’ve been (literally) running toward for almost a year now. I got back on my feet last January after recovering from plantar fasciitis, and in 2017 I enjoyed new PR’s, exploring my new neighborhood and strength training as a runner.

February 24th is the #phxmarathon. I will not be there.

I have taken on an enormous amount of hours in the new year. I am a full time educator at #lululemon , and I coach 20 hours a week. I also run my own online training business. Most of my days are doubles, starting at 5am and getting home around 9pm each night. I drive a total of 2.5 hours each day, and in my most humbling and hilarious moments, I eat salad with my bare hands out of my lap while I drive from one job to the next. 😳 Recently, there’s been a shift in commitment to family, and I’ve been driving home on my off days to be there. Even though I try to convince myself otherwise, there are simply not enough hours in the week to run. It would be a choice of sleeping, or running. (#sleeprunning?)

I had to choose.

I am saying all of this, not to toot my own horn as some martyr (haha, toot!) -- because we all are hella busy, we all lead demanding lives -- but to remind you (and myself) that:



In a world of “more is more” and “YES”, we have to be in the practice of “NO”. It’s not easy, or natural. But we have to get uncomfortable in order to allow ourselves grace.

Say “NO” more. And say it with resolve. Focus your energies. And you will be fuller and more vibrant because of it.

And there will always be more marathons to run. 💕✌🏽


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