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How to #goalcrush in 3 simple steps

GUYS. Tracking my goals in my planner has been a GAME CHANGER. Apparently I’ll do anything for a “gold star”. LOL.

In a previous blog, I talked about my big decision to drop out of the #phoenixmarathon in February.

I haven’t let my fitness drop off completely, though, and surprisingly, I’ve increased my fitness in January! I’ve decided to be honest with myself and shift my sails to an approach that best fits my life right now.

It's giving up on wishful thinking and planning realistically for my "here and now". And I’ve created a bulletproof system for myself that I want to share with you on how to track my goals and create routine.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that marathon training has become unrealistic with my schedule, and that emotionally/physically I don't have the space to prioritize running. I needed to choose another route to nailing fitness for my current lifestyle.

I set a goal, inspired by a friend and fitness colleague Brendon Rearick:

4 WORKOUTS PER WEEK, 30 minutes or more.

That’s it! No huge expectation. Just 30 minutes of movement, or more if I have time. And let me tell you, it has worked wonderfully for me.

Here's 3 simple steps for you to nail your goals:

⭐️ 1. START SMALL. Think of tackling the new habit you want to create in 30 minute increments. You can always increase this length / frequency over time, but choose something small so that you have the reward of achieving in instead of falling short. And when you do exceed your goals... BONUS!

⭐️ 2. WRITE THEM DOWN. Did you know that people who write down their goals are ten times more likely to achieve them!? Put them on paper, and somewhere you will read them every day. Planner, mirror, steering wheel!

⭐️ 3. REWARD YOURSELF! Track your new daily habits toward your goals (ex: 30 minutes of reading a day) and give yourself a gold star, or color in the box like I do. It’s silly how much I look forward to sitting with my planner at the end of a day to color in my accomplishments!

I have been using this system to keep my goals on track and create ritual in my day to day, and it has been incredibly successful. I encourage you to try it! Happy goal-crushing!


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