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How to grant yourself grace this holiday

Your only job is to be filled with light and love. 💕✌🏽

It’s so easy to get down on ourselves during the holidays. “Why can’t I be more dedicated?!” / “I haven’t worked out in x amount of days! This is terrible!” / “I’m not eating as clean as I was a month ago. All is lost.”

Guess what? All is not lost. Remember that this is a small part of your 365 days this year. The holidays are no doubt insane, and yes, we can stray from our normal adherence pretty quickly, but...


What if, instead of living in shame and guilt this holiday season, we simply let go. What if we instead just...

...enjoyed ourselves?

We can relieve the pressure to have to stay at the same level of fitness or nutrition during the holidays by accepting that it’s a unique time of year, and it isn’t forever.


🧘🏽‍♀️Find the quiet moments. Choose what makes you feel balanced. Perhaps that’s starting your day with a walk, meditation, or even a 20 minute workout. Something to center you. This way, you can be present throughout the day, when with family, etc!

🗓 Have a plan in place for the New Year. Decide realistically when you can refocus on your goals. Find a program that will hold you accountable to beginning, like Whole30, joining a gym, or enrolling in an online fitness program, like Lift Lab (🔗in bio). This way, you can relax knowing you have a plan in action.

🍽 Indulge mindfully. Allow yourself to have Grandmas traditional recipe or a holiday cocktail. Enjoy the flavors, be present in the moment. By staying present we can gain so much more fulfillment, and still honor our health with a sensible portion.

What is your plan of action to stay grounded this holiday week? I’d love to hear!

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