How to have the best day, every day, in 60 minutes.

Let’s face it. Not every day of our lives will be sunshine and glitterbombs. Life has its share of ups and downs. We are all too stressed and too busy, our heads swimming with constant red notification bubbles.

It’s a jungle out there. I totally get it.

What if I told you that you could ensure #thebestdayever, every day, in just 60 minutes?

What if I told you that YOU hold the power to wake up excited, to feel confident and refreshed in order to take on your early morning workout or bound into your 10 hour day at the office or sing your face off at your call-back for Hamilton the musical. Would you buy the product/take the supplement/hire the coach?

"Are you selling me something?"

I know I sound super schemey right now, like some sort of creepy infomercial, but I promise I come at you with total integrity and the desire to help you conquer your daily to-do’s. Even better, what I’m about to lay out for you will financially cost you NOTHING, and help you gain EVERYTHING: perspective, balance, inner peace, organization, vibrancy, excitement, readiness. It is a tool I have personally learned to prioritize and it has changed my day to day, and my life. (No, I’m not asking you to join a cult haha).

MORNING ROUTINE - 10 Minute Bites

Want to be better at what you love to do? Maybe you aspire to become a top performing professional in your industry? Perhaps you want to run your first full marathon, but lack the discipline or foresight to budget time for it. Or maybe you’d like to win the “best parent ever” award, and still have a few moments of quiet time for yourself. Well guess what? You can. YOU SIMPLY NEED A MORNING ROUTINE. This tool is popular among highly successful people, including Barack Obama, Anna Wintour and Mark Zuckerberg (12 highly influential people’s AM routines).

Best of all, I’m going to help you create your ideal morning in five easy steps!

Grab a piece of paper and pen, and let’s go.


Draw a large circle. Inside that circle, brainstorm activities that help you feel centered and re-charged. Maybe that’s coffee, exercise, reading, music, meditating.

2. YOU PICK SIX. Highlight the top six items that mean the most to you. If you don’t have six, that’s okay! Start with what you have.


Draw another large circle. Split the circle into 6 even sections, each equalling 10 minutes. Go through the circle clockwise, writing in your top six. Your morning ritual is born! Sit back and admire your work. How do you feel looking at this morning “clock”? If it doesn’t excite you, re-think some of the items. It’s possible you are writing things you think you “should” do, instead of things that actually bring you the most joy.

4. COMMIT TODAY. Set your alarm clock NOW. Let’s say you normally rise at 6am. Set your alarm for 5am. Your morning routine won’t have the same effect if you are rushing through it. If you’re a person who waits till the last minute to get out of bed and runs out the door in a panic, this will feel really new to you. Lean into the discomfort. It’s okay if this feels hard at first. Any big change requires a little elbow grease. If you already allow for extra time in the morning, this pie chart will help you make your morning time more intentional.

5. GRANT YOURSELF GRACE. There is no perfect way to do this. Everyone’s morning routine will look different, and that’s okay! Also, nothing is set in stone. You can change your morning routine any time to best meet yourself where you are at that day or week. The point is, taking that uninterrupted time is so essential to setting your mood, your mind and your overall well being for the day. Make note of how you move through your day as a result of your new morning routine.

For the fitnessy folks!

If you dedicated a 10-minute slice of your morning pie to fitness, here are some awesome suggestions to get your blood flowing in the AM:

10 minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

  • 20 Bodyweight Squats

  • 10 Pushups

  • 20 Jumping Jacks

  • 10 Shoulder Taps in a Plank