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Never-ending to-do list? Check everything off with ONE easy step!

The idea of time management is certainly not new.

I’ve always been superb 👌🏼 at making thousands of to-do lists with endless ambitious check boxes. And an expert in getting through about half.


The rest of the neglected to-do’s would tide over into the next day-off pile of “things to do”. But by that time I’d have a thousand NEW items on the list, so I’d again get through about half and...

you get the point.

Today though, I did something different. I actually budgeted my time instead of just winging it. I wrote down the items I hoped to get done, in order of urgency. I allotted time for each of those items instead of blindly writing down tasks and just hoping I’d get them done magically, inside some wrinkle-in-time continuum.

(Literally, why have I never done this before today? As if time just grows on trees, Elizabeth?!)

Once the "time budget" is complete, I can look back at the list before I begin. If I don’t see any “me” time, time to eat or stretch (for god's sake!), or time with my husband allotted, I can re-budget.

I will move one of today’s less urgent items to tomorrow morning, when I know I have a few hours to knock out tasks.

Try this new method today and see what you can accomplish! Can't wait to hear from you goal-crushing, to-do-list-crossing champs!


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