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When does working out become second nature?

Adopting a lifestyle of fitness isn’t going to feel natural or easy at first. If it was everyone would be going to the gym and leading a fit life! The good news is, the more you practice healthy choices, the less energy it will take to follow through.

While a consistent practice of fitness will start to feel more organic once it becomes a habit, that doesn’t mean that living a fit life eventually becomes “autopilot”. Does that make sense?

I will use myself as an example. I still have to wake up and CHOOSE to workout. And I’ve been working out what I would deem as consistent for around 5 years. But it’s always a daily, mindful choice.

All that to say, it’s all a practice. And your work doesn’t stop. Creating the habit means that it feels more natural to wake up and recommit every day. But that’s what it takes. It takes recommitting every day.

Think of it like dance, or piano, or sports, or any skill worth having. When you were growing up, it took constant practice to maintain and fine tune your craft. If you were a dancer, you knew that if you didn’t practice triple pirouettes that you couldn’t expect triple pirouettes. Right? Even though you’d been dancing for years.

Nutrition and working out is the same as any skill. Yet we don’t always think of it that way. We expect to reach some magical place where it feels automatic when in reality, it’s honorable practice that takes recommitment every day, even for elite athletes!

If we approach our fitness and nutrition as a skill set that we are fine tuning, not out of punishment or pursuit of perfection, but because we are aspiring to personal greatness, we can truly live in the moment more and enjoy ownership over the day to day process.

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