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Why you should deadlift every week

Deadlifts are just the bees knees, and there are so many variations! Read about why deadlifts are awesome for all able populations, and how you can get started!

Why should you deadlift?

✔️multi-joint exercise

✔️builds total body strength & power

✔️helps grow muscle

✔️helps burn fat

✔️helps grow mitochondria (aka anti aging hello!)

✔️makes you look like a badass

🤷🏼‍♀️A multi-joint whoozy-whatty? You can think of multi-joint or compound exercises as those that require the bending of more than one joint to get the job done.

For example: think of a bicep curl. How many joints need to move? One! (Hopefully haha) The elbow!

Now think of a deadlift. How many joints have to bend in order to create a hip hinge to lift a bar or bell off the ground?

If you said two — hips and knees — you’re correct!!

🎶 anyone else silently singing this to themselves? LOL.

The DEADLIFT is an amazing exercise for ANYONE to increase strength in:

✔️ hamstrings

✔️ glutes

✔️ core

✔️ lower back

✔️ grip

They can be programmed for any goal!

🌟 strength

🌟 fat loss

🌟 hypertrophy (aka muscle growth)

🌟 health

The peachy keen details:

🍑 If you’re after an award winning peach, defined hamstrings, and a rock solid core, there’s no denying that the deadlift is THE EXERCISE you need to practice weekly.

Best news?!

There are so many variations to keep things exciting, and I have done all the programming for you to keep you deadlifting every week.

My online monthly training program, LIFT LAB, strategically incorporates a variety of deadlifts into almost every workout, to teach you the proper form, execution and variations to bring more deadlifts into your life!

In short: Lift Lab begins again January 7th, and is a monthly online training program customizable for all levels with fun and EFFECTIVE programming and coaching from me, nutrition guidance, community and fun extras! (And pssst! It’s just $39/mo) 😱

Feel free to share this article with your friends who love to workout. I have a referral program too! You get $5 cold hard cash in your wallet for everyone referral who signs up! 💰

happy deadlifting!



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