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Real clients, awesome results.

“Working with Elizabeth really broke me of unhealthy, disordered eating habits, brought me an appreciation and respect for the work I do in the gym (rather than dread and punishment), and In doing this crushed all of my weight-loss goals while focusing on non-scale victories, like the fact that I don’t hide in jackets and loose clothing anymore, I’m a stronger and better runner, and can still have a glass of wine and not freak out about it.”


I'm 8.1 lbs down, and 2.2% Body Fat.  I've lost 2 full inches at my navel, 3 inches around my back.  There is visible toning in my legs, and I'm kind of obsessed with how my arms look now--my shoulders literally look like I always wished they would!

Margaret Ellen

I'm so proud of all the work I've done, I love the way I look for the first time in almost as long as I can remember, and I'm getting compliments every day. I feel strong, energized, I just *feel* lighter, not held down by all the sugar and the peaks and valleys of the punishment/reward food cycle.


Thank you SO much, your nutrition program is the nutrition plan that has finally made the difference for me!


You aren't technically a therapist, but still, it is like you have gotten into my head and filled it with real facts, kept it simple, and helped me to get rid of all the nasty voices that tell me I can't lost weight and don't possess the will to succeed here.  THANK YOU!


"You completely killed all of my doubt in myself.  You made me fully accountable for my own nutrition and fitness, and the best part was that you made it easy.  You helped me take the emotion out of the equation, and gave me the knowledge and tools that I needed in order to succeed.

Losing weight/inches and gaining knowledge about nutrition is awesome, yes, but my BIGGEST takeaway from coaching with you is the freedom from obsessing over food, my reflection, my feelings, you name it, when it comes to my body.  


I cannot express my gratitude to Elizabeth for the support and encouragement for the last eight weeks in order to get prepped for a photoshoot. With the plan, Elizabeth guided me with macros to get me ready. Additionally, she gave me a personalized workout plan that focused on my specific goals.


Her knowledge about nutrition and exercise is wonderful and she is able to breakdown the science behind each process. I believe I am in the best shape of my life and it is because of her energy, patience, and guidance! If you are serious about your fitness journey, this is the program for you!



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