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If you have specific goals in terms of improving overall health and/or body composition, then you need more than just working out.  Fine tuning your nutrition is the first best step.  I blend a scientific, behavioral and empathetic approach to help you achieve your goals.



  • Phone consultation to get to know one another, your past / present nutrition habits and goals.

  • Custom macronutrients calculated exclusively for you.  This plan focuses on a high protein yet balanced approach to macros (aka this is not a low carb diet plan). 

  • BRAND NEW!!  A high protein recipe book with over 50 recipes, including options for gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, under 30 minutes, etc!  This recipe book includes an optional schedule for meal planning and a weekly grocery list.  Each recipe is embedded with a bar code with all nutrition info to scan directly into My Fitness Pal.

  • Weekly email check ins allow you to establish a clear goal and action steps to get there.  During check ins, we will celebrate victories, talk through things that didn’t work well and how to set yourself up for success for the week ahead. 

  • The full 12 week curriculum will guide you on how to measure your success along the way (it's more than just the scale weight that matters!), and eventually teach you how to conduct your own check-ins, assess progress and create your own action steps to continue this work past the 12 weeks together.

  • You will receive my Nutrition Guidebook which includes my personal daily meal plan, how to stay on track when eating out, my favorite food scale and other tools/tips for success!

  •  Custom spreadsheet which aids in accountability and to track trends throughout the week.  Weekly check ins allow us to address tweaks that may need to be made to your macros to jumpstart progress after plateaus. 



$299 (one-time fee up front) for your initial custom nutrition plan + materials + 4 weeks of check-ins

+ $99/month for the final 2 months of check-ins.

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