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Personal training sessions with a pre and postnatal specialist from the safety and comfort of your own home coached via FaceTime. Includes PDF’s of your workouts to keep forever plus additional postpartum resources to help you continue this work on your own.

This bundle is awesome for any mom who wants to:

  • Recover and rebuild strength after having a baby

  • Train safely and effectively to regain fitness without injury

  • Learn from a certified pre and postnatal specialist and new mom herself (that's me!)

  • Have the guidance of an expert eye to modify exercises based on vaginal delivery, C-section, diastisis recti, and more.


  • Three (3) 60-minute “face to face” remote coaching sessions via FaceTime to work through your new workouts

  • Flexible scheduling to fit your needs and the demands of being a new mom

  • Three (3) effective and efficient custom workouts (that take under 30 minutes to complete and can be broken up throughout your day) delivered via PDF which provide progressions as you rebuild your strength.

  • Important information regarding proper breathing to re-engage the core muscles

  • Specific exercises to awaken and ignite glutes and core, areas that commonly become "dormant" during pregnancy

  • 24/7 access to me as your coach

  • Access to my full library of video demos (hyperlinked on your programs)

  • Ultimate accountability!

  • The opportunity to work safely “face to face” with an experienced postpartum trainer and fellow mother.

  • Option to purchase additional Facetime sessions at $45/session.

Is this program right for me?


If you don't know me yet, hi!  I am Elizabeth, and I am a certified pre and postnatal coach and fellow new mom.  I understand the demands of wanting to get back into a fitness routine while also spending as much time with your baby!  I am looking for women, in any stage of postpartum recovery, who are ready to feel strong, improve alignment and core strength and return safely to a fitness practice that actually fits their busy life.

In terms of returning to fitness, you may be feeling excited, impatient or even scared.  These are all normal feelings.  Your body is changing every day as it recovers from pregnancy, delivery and now, motherhood.  You may be experiencing unstable hormones, elevated cortisol from stress/lack of sleep, irregular eating patterns, and of course trying to find time to shower. ;-) It can be a very busy but beautiful time. 


Or perhaps you've recovered over the last few months or even years and physically feel better but you are having trouble taking action over your fitness.  You know you WANT to but you can't find the motivation, guidance or time. 


I SEE YOU.  Motherhood is HARD!  And for many of us, there simply aren't enough hours in the day for lengthy workouts or even a trip to your local studio or gym.


That is exactly why I have created this program.


My mission is to make returning to fitness feel safe, gradual and actionable.  It is my goal to provide expert coaching, certified prenatal and postpartum education and research-based techniques that are tailored to you and your birth story.


Over the last few months, I have had the honor of working one on one with select postpartum mamas, from cesarean to vaginal delivery, and I can say with joy that together we have safely and effectively restored their fitness levels, rebuilt their strength and confidence to return to the types of fitness they love.  And I cannot wait to work with you!

Do I really have time for this?

Initially, you will need to set aside time for a quick 15-20 minute chat, because I like for us to get to know each other.  After that, it's three 60-minute training sessions to learn your workouts together.  These sessions can be spaced out over the course of three weeks, to allow you time to practice each workout on your own between sessions.


After our three sessions are completed, you need 30 minutes three times a week.  That's it!


Your three workouts are designed with busy mom life in mind: all full body with a special focus on core, glutes and upper body (what I believe to be crucial for new moms) and take under 30 minutes to complete. 


Additionally, they are circuit-style, meaning you will cycle through all of the exercises in one round before returning to the top. Feel free to break up rounds of the workout throughout your day, to total 2-3 times/day. In my experience as a new mom personally and working with a variety of women, this is an effective and actionable way to return to fitness during this special season of life!

Read: you do NOT need to spend hours in the gym to restore your fitness!

Are these workouts customized?

100%!  Based on the feedback you provide in your program intake and initial chat, I will tailor programs to suit what stage of postpartum you are in, your fitness practices before and during pregnancy, your labor and delivery story, and most importantly, your feedback as we work together, which is the true value of this program.


Because no two mamas are the same, there can be a wide array of exercise selections that feel best.  Your sessions are dedicated to working through each program to make sure you are clear on form and to make any necessary adjustments.  This is the most flexible and customizable approach, and ensures that each client is getting individualized attention and accountability week to week.

Additionally, you do not have to have any experience coming into these sessions.  I will work with you no matter what level you are at, to create a plan that feels safe and effective.

Do I need equipment?

Very minimal!  You'll need one light resistance band (preferably a superband) and a stable surface like a heavy coffee table or workout bench.  The other two items are optional but recommended: a small playground ball and mini band.  If you need these things, I have paired with Perform Better to put together a Postpartum equipment package at a discounted price! Feel free to ask me about it!

How long should I use these workouts?

That depends!  These workouts can be used as long as you'd like, until either boredom sets in, or you feel you've outgrown them in terms of strength.  This could be 4 weeks for some, 12 weeks for others.  In my experience, most women are ready for new and more challenging programs around the 6 week mark.  The ultimate goal is to get you back to the levels you were working out at previously, or to create new levels of fitness never before achieved! 



  • a 20-minute phone consultation (valued at $55)

  • three custom postpartum workout programs to use for anywhere from 4-12 weeks (valued at $90)

  • plus three 60-minute FaceTime training sessions (valued at $135)

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So that’s a $280 value...

Offered exclusively to you for $199


After you complete your payment, you will be redirected to fill out an intake form.  This is the next step in working together!  After I receive your intake form, I will contact you to set up your consultation! This offer can be used any time in 2021, depending on availability. I will work with you to find the best time for both you and I!

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