How to hold yourself accountable to working out in 5 simple steps

How many times have you purchased an online workout program or gym membership with the highest of hopes, only to fail to take action and watch the money just float away?

Listen, ME TOO. We all struggle with adherence. If we didn't, I literally wouldn't have a job! It's my passion to make working out fun...and actionable! Some of you may belong to a gym and struggle to show up, some of you may even work with me online. Let's say you've just enrolled in my online monthly fitness program, Lift Lab. So now that you have this awesome plan, how do you actually put it into action?

GREAT QUESTION. And I have just the action steps you need to succeed.


Telling someone about your goals is the very best way to create accountability! Maybe you invite a friend along for your workout, perhaps you announce it to your Insta-story, or post your weekly workout schedule to a Facebook Group for support! Do what feels organic to you, and if one method doesn’t feel right, choose another!


If you are starting from little to no exercise each week, aim to workout 3x/week, with a day of recovery in between! The end. Don’t feel the need to go from zero to hero.

If you are current consistently hitting the gym ~3x/week, set a goal to hit the gym 4x/week. The point is, set small actionable steps for yourself, being realistic with where you are right now!

Trying to take on too much all at once generally ends in one way only: BURN OUT. And that is the best way to NOT hit your goals. Instead, aim small! Any small addition to your current schedule will still be more beneficial than what you are doing now, right? And that includes more energy, more strength, more mental clarity, more vibrancy, more confidence. Setting small action steps means that we are more likely to succeed. And feelings of success will help drive you to layer on and conquer more action steps each week with ownership!