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Wanna get better? Press pause on your vision, and try this instead...

Jill Coleman, leader in the industry of female fitness, mindset and entrepreneurship, and creator of (if you are into fitness or life betterment, FOLLOW HER), brought something up today on her instagram that really resonated with me:

"Confession: I’m not a visionary. As an entrepreneur, people automatically think you’re constantly setting huge goals and constantly envisioning where you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years. I don’t do that. Not because I don’t think it’s worthwhile, but because I have always been a person who is grateful for what’s happening in the moment. If anything, I’m a grinder. I do what’s next when it presents itself and somehow all gets done, I don’t feel anxious about what *needs* to happen and I continue to uplevel anyway.

Lots of people hated high school. I loved it. Tons of people couldn’t wait to get out of college and on to the next thing. Not me, I loved it every second. While most people couldn’t wait for the next thing, I always just found a way to feel content with where I was. Even when I was training in the gym 70+ hours a week and was tired af, I still loved my clients and felt grateful every day that I got to work full-time in fitness and not at a desk. I have always figured out a way to be happy in whatever I was doing.

And while I don’t think gratitude and goal-setting are mutually exclusive, I find that gratitude and presence and engagement *in the now* is literally the only motivation I have ever needed to keep striving. My current happiness and success fuels my desire for the next thing, and I keep pushing and working and engaging because of it.

So, while I don’t know what next year will hold or 5 years from now, I *can* tell you that I am going to love and service the heck out of the 20 female health/fitness entrepreneurs who are CURRENTLY in LA this weekend for my Business Mastermind. I never envisioned working with such an amazing group of up-leveled women, wasn’t on my vision board (if I ever had one!), but here I am. And it was just the next logical step from what I was doing previously. And I am humbled and grateful for every second of this journey with them.

Here’s to gratitude as an operating system—the best productivity tool there is! And welcome, gals, let’s have a great weekend💃🏻😍" - Jill Coleman

My personal takeaways:

I relate to this so hard. I too really live in the moment but find that it’s not always a good thing, or rather, something I need to keep in check. I can let anxiety get the best of me during stressful current situations, and my husband (bless him!) always helps remind me: hey, there is a light. You just have to remember to look down the tunnel.

On the flip side, living in the moment can be incredibly rewarding for your day to day joy, and I feel blessed to have always had this kind of perception. It makes us a little wild and a little bohemian on the inside. Which, for me personally, is a necessary balance for my perfectionist tendencies.

Wanna get better? Follow Jill and Danny!

I have found Jill to be inspirational on so many levels: entrepreneurship, general badassery, and a strong voice for females everywhere on how to live their best lives. In fact, she and Danny Johnson ( recently launched an AMAZING podcast "The Best Life Podcast"! It talks about everything from "relationships and entrepreneurship, honest communication and boundaries, food obsession, finance, and how to take action in the face of fear, when going for what you really want."

These two ladies have absolutely become role models for me, to live more fearlessly and authentically. I highly highly recommend you go over to itunes to "The Best Life Podcast" and tune in! It will be your new go-to podcast, I promise. And my personal ask: leave a review as well! As an entrepreneur myself, I am sure the girls would truly appreciate the love.



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